Want to know more about what we do?

Still up to our ears in the devising process!!  
Now that we’ve done some writing, we’re taking a step back to flesh out our characters more thoroughly. We’re building characters in lots of fun and collaborative ways.Here are a few of the techniques we use to develop material for our play.
Role on the Wall is an activity that helps us brainstorm a character’s background, details about their relationships, messages they hear and even their likes and dislikes.  Ensemble members take turns contributing so the character that emerges really is everyone’s creation.

Our character sketch – what a mess!
Image Work is a great way to generate ideas and capture emotions in an expressive way without using words.  And sometimes, if you hold a pose long enough while someone is taking your picture, you get the giggles. . . 

Hotseating is an activity that allows audience members to speak directly to characters and ask them questions about what’s going on in the story.  For this activity ensemble members take turns playing characters while the rest of the group interview them. We’re experimenting with this to develop the personalities of our characters.   It’s a fun and active way of finding out every character’s side of the story. 

Three ensemble members hotseating 
as “the mean girls” in one of our storylines

We’ll post more info on our rehearsal process as we continue. . . 


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