The Play Begins!

The Changing Lives Students were given a task to form characters based on stereotypes they had witnessed in school, online or offline. Students formed groups and began to flesh out their characters to figure out why they were they way they were, why they were given their stereotype, and what they were really like beneath it all. Some of our students are pretty good artists!

Then, we wrote “I Am” poems, which gave each student the opportunity to give voice to their character, and allow them to stand up against their stereotpe. Stay tuned for some of the highlights of these poems.

Finally, after a week of fleshing out our stereotypical characters, students met for a workday where we tried to figure out how all of our characters worked together. We made a character connection map to figure out our characters backstory. This was some intense work!

Our characters are much more then just stereotypes. But by starting with their stereotype and then delving much further, we can get to know them, and be able to write for them, on a deeper level.


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