#TBT – Throw Back Thursday!

For our new blog series, we invited former Changing Lives ensemble members, directors, and teaching artists to write about and share their experiences in their own words. We have worked with SO many youth artists and professional educators over the years and we are excited to see where they have ended up!

Our first blog in this series comes from Vi Trinh, a former ensemble member who toured with the 2012-2013 production “Above the Noise.”

Vi Trinh Headshot

Vi Trinh

Changing Lives Youth Theatre Ensemble 2012-2013

Hi! My name is Vi Trinh. I was with Creative Action for a while before I joined Changing Lives. I first participated in a Creative Action summer program in 5th grade, and I loved it!! And then middle school offered an afterschool program too, so I obviously joined. That was when I was introduced to Changing Lives for the first time! It was like rainbows and sparkles when I saw them perform for the first time at Del Valle Middle School in 6th grade. So I stuck with Creative Action until I was old enough to join Changing Lives.

It was GREAT! Probably the most amazing time of my life. I learned many life skills too. I met a lot of people and bonded – we were like a big family! It was also my first job and I loved it! Sadly I had to leave…due to overwhelming high school and time in general.

I’m currently a high school sophomore and I’ve been taking many, many classes. I’ve also been active as an official Red Cross volunteer. And I’ve been surviving the horrors and romances of high school while helping fellow peers survive them too. I still love Creative Action to this day and I implement the ideas I learned from my classes and the Changing Lives ensemble into everyday life.

I really hope someday I can come back! I really loved Miss Karen and Nitra and Corey! Shout out to Marcelo! Well that was my story – I hope you liked it 🙂


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