Our Amazing Ensemble

The Cast


Kelvin Medina goes to Lanier High School. This is going to be his second year at Changing Lives Youth Theatre Ensemble. Some of his hobbies are baseball, reading, video-gaming, watching YouTube videos, and listening to music. He wanted to join Changing Lives because the first time they came to his school he thought they were (and are) a cool group and he thinks that we are doing something cool, interesting, and important.


Eleanor Jeansonne is a freshman at the Ann Richards School. Her interests are aerial arts, a kind of dance on hanging silk ropes that she has been practicing for six years. She also loves geology. She joined Changing Lives because she wants to spread the meaning of acceptance.


Gabrielle Lewis is a senior at Meridian World School in Round Rock. She has been involved in theatre since middle school. Her favorite roles were playing Jasmine Hadley in Noughts and Crosses and Helena in Young Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Outside of theatre she enjoys writing and has been a girl scout for seven years. At her school, she participates in writing club, drama club, and the National Honors Society. Gabrielle firmly believes that teenagers, being the generation responsible for the future, should keep themselves informed about the world they live in. She returns to Changing Lives for her second year as a Peer Leader and hopes to improve the world around her by sharing her passions with the teenagers in her community.


Mina Mashhoon is a freshman at Westlake High School, and an enthusiastic member of Team Mystic. In her free time, she enjoys cuddling with her dogs, scrolling through Tumblr, and writing slam poems and short stories. She joined Changing Lives to make a difference for issues she cares about through the performing arts.


Amber Fluker is a freshman at Del Valle High School. This is her first year at Changing Lives. She joined to work with kids who are able to change instances of social injustice in their life. She also loves working with her sister, Noel Fluker.


Allegra Green is a sophomore at the Ann Richards School. She is really looking forward to this year in high school, because she knows it can only get better every year. She joined Changing Lives to help change her perceptions of her peers and create a kinder world to live in. When she isn’t performing, you can find Allegra writing, singing, and binge watching bad teen dramas.


Rebekah is a sophomore at Westwood High School. Her hobbies include writing, watching musicals, and catching Pokémon. Rebekah is excited to get out into the community to educate others, as well as learn from the diverse viewpoints in the ensemble.


Isaiah Devon Rogers is in 10th grade at Del Valle High School. He loves acting and making jokes. Isaiah is inspired by people who fulfill their dreams. He believes that Changing Lives is really fun and good for the community because it helps people feel better about themselves.


Noel Fluker is a senior in her third year with Changing Lives Youth Theatre Ensemble. Noel is a dedicated activist with a passion for learning and teaching. Noel hopes for a future in social work to serve the community in ways the community served her. Along with social justice, noel is interested in obscure Internet humor and exploring human relationships.

Alejandra Saenz is a senior at Del Valle High School. This is her fourth year at Changing Lives. They love social justice, dogs, and cryptids.


Maddie Graf is a freshman at Connally High School. Her favorite role was Birdie in the comedic play Anybody For Tea in which she won best actress in the UIL competition. She is currently in Color Guard, and is in the middle of 2 Snapchat streaks. She is in Changing Lives because she loves to act and would like to learn more about social justice.


Jala Mason is in the class of 2018 at Hendrickson High School. Her favorite role was Cinderella in Cinderella. Her other hobbies include dancing and reading. She was drawn to Changing Lives because of her interest in acting and her desire to make the world a more accepting place.


Harley Harris – bio coming soon!


Hannah McElyea is a junior at Skybridge Academy. This is her second year in Changing Lives and she joined the ensemble because of her passion for acting and social justice issues. She’s inspired by Tavi Gevinson, founder of Rookie magazine.


Sabeen Noorani is a senior at Westlake High School. This is her second year involved with Changing Lives, because she truly believes in the purpose behind this program, which is enabling change and awareness in the community through the arts. Sabeen’s favorite role she has played is Little Boy Tommy in Little Women 2: Wrath of the Undead. She is very passionate about slam poetry, movie reviewing, and improv. She hopes to attend college next year to study Theatre Education and performance so she can be a facilitator for change, just like her role model Meg Greene.


Spencer Phillips is a junior at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders. He hopes to become a cinematographer. He has had personal experiences with domestic abuse as had made it his personal mission to do what he can to make sure other people never get in those situations. His main mission is to spread smiles, laughs, and love.


Sophia Ho is a senior at Westlake High School. She loves makeup, reading, her cat Happy, and the color pink. Her heroes are Taylor Swift and Avatar Korra. Sophia is a member of the LGBTQA+ community and is a passionate advocate for social justice issues. This is Sophia’s second year at Changing Lives, and she is excited to help share important messages about respect, equality, and privilege.


Clara is a sophomore at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy. She loves to play with her obese rabbit and enlighten people about the patriarchy. She really loves to talk about the patriarchy. She doesn’t want to visit most of the states in the U.S., but she has high hopes for going to NYU after she graduates high school. She‘s a fun gal.


McCall is a junior at Westlake High School. She loves to run, practice martial arts, and binge watch Netflix. She is lazy but is ready to put all her effort into making a change. That is why she is in Changing Lives, she wants to make a change for the better and create a brighter future.


Micky Johnson is a freshman at the Ann Richards School. Micky joined Changing Lives because she wanted to be a part of the change she hopes to see in the community. She enjoys reading, writing, and fine arts. She also likes to swim and play basketball. Micky is a fangirl at heart.


Laurence Thigpen is a freshman at Westwood High School. He loves entertaining people and making them feel moved and different. Johnny Depp is his inspiration, as well as Beyonce who inspires him to be a singer! He also enjoys spending his time dancing.


Michael Bradley is a sophomore at Crockett High School. He has been in theatre for four years, acting in school for most of the time. His favorite role was Narrator in 10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse. Michael is most inspired by artists who aren’t afraid to tell it how it is, no matter how much is screaming is in the song, like Hollywood Undead and many other bands. Changing Lives inspires Michael to put forward his desire for happiness and acceptance into the hearts of anyone who will listen. His favorite hobbies are playing video games, sports, and airsoft when he can, but mostly video games.


Frank Campbell – bio coming soon!



The Directors

Noah Headshot

Changing Lives’ Artistic Director, Creative Action

Noah Martin is beyond excited to work with the amazingly talented and inspiring youth of the Changing Lives Youth Ensemble as the Artistic Director, working with Creative Action! Noah is an educator and theatre-maker originally from the beautiful and sometimes rainy Pacific Northwest. He moved to Austin five years ago to pursue his Master of Fine Arts from the UT Austin Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities Program. Over the past two years he worked as a Creative Learning Coach with teachers from all over Austin ISD to bring arts based teaching and learning into all areas of the curriculum. Noah has worked as a director and teaching artist in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Austin with the Seattle Children’s Theatre, The Right Brain Initiative, Performing Arts Workshop, California Shakespeare Theatre, Woodland Park Zoo, and Northwest Children’s Theatre. He is passionate about working alongside youth to be advocates for social justice and share their stories, especially the stories that often go untold. He was the co-artistic director of a small garage based theatre company in Portland and has collaborated on many original theatrical projects, including a series of bicycle powered plays that were experienced by pedaling audience members. He loves the unpredictable process of diving in and making new theatre and looks forward to taking the journey with the Changing Lives Ensemble.

Headshot_Meg Greene2

Changing Lives’ Managing Director, Expect Respect, a program of SAFE

Meg Greene is a prevention educator, writer, theatre-maker and community-based artist. She works with the SAFE Alliance as Changing Lives Managing Director and Expect Respect’s Educational Theatre Manager. Meg earned her MFA in Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities from the University of Texas at Austin (UT) and a BA from The Ohio State University in Journalism and Theatre Performance. As an applied theatre artist she has worked with school based programs, grief and healing communities, people experiencing homelessness, juvenile detention centers and with military youth experiencing deployment. Her teaching artist work spans Columbus OH, Washington DC, Exeter UK, and Austin working with organizations such as UT’s Drama for Schools, the University of Exeter, Arena Stage, Young Playwrights’ Theater and Imagination Stage. Over the last four years, Meg has used theatre as a prevention and social change tool to address issues of sexual assault, dating violence, healthy relationship education, and suicide prevention. Through UT’s Voices Against Violence’s Get Sexy. Get Consent. program she worked as an actor-facilitator and then became the tour director, using Theatre for Dialogue to teach undergraduate students about negotiating sexual consent. She also collaborated with UT Austin’s Be That One suicide prevention program to integrate interactive drama-based strategies into their bystander intervention program. Meg is passionate about the power of theatre to connect people across difference, build empathy, and open up dialogue in order to make change.

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