Our Amazing Ensemble

View from Backstage

The Cast


Amber is a freshman as Del Valle High School. This is her second year with Changing Lives. She joined so she could help other young people to learn more about the world.


Angela is a sophomore at KIPP Austin Collegiate. This is Angela’s first year participating with Changing Lives and she enjoys acting. She is inspired by anyone who is kind and tries to be the best version of themselves. Angela joined Changing Lives in order to practice what she loves: acting and spreading a positive message to the community.


Audrey is a freshman at Pflugerville High School. She has been studying music and learning multiple instruments since first grade; beginning with the piano. Some of Audrey’s role models include, women who have advocated for change, including: Julia Sweeney, Rebecca Sugar, and Carrie Fisher. Audrey became involved with Changing Lives because she wants to be involved with an organization that shows that young people are capable of making change in their community. She feels it is important for teens to try to make change in their communities so they can start to make contributions as soon as possible.


Brooklyn is thrilled to be working with Changing Lives! She has been acting since the 3rd grade and has been involved in activism since the 6th. She’s a two-time medalist at Playfestival and she has stage-managed two productions so far.


Clara is a junior and returns to Changing Lives for her third year. In her free time she loves to hangout at Barton Springs with her friends and have a relaxing weekend when she is not doing homework. Clara attended two summer programs this summer to help her learn even more about social justice and she is very excited to incorporate what she learned into the 2017-18 Changing Lives play. She’s excited to return for another year and more excited than ever to make it the best play yet.


Eleanor is a sophomore at the Ann Richards School. Her interests are aerial arts, a kind of dance on hanging silk ropes that she has been practicing for six years. She also loves geology. She joined Changing Lives because she wants to spread the meaning of acceptance.


Eliza is a sophomore at McCallum Fine Arts Academy, where she double majors in performance theatre and technical theatre. She has been involved in productions at Lamar Middle School, McCallum High School, Coldtowne Theatre, and ZACH Theatre. She is excited for her first year in the Changing Lives Youth Ensemble and to create art for her community.


Emily is a freshman at Del Valle High School. She is in her school’s marching band and loves to read and write. She finds inspiration from her film teacher, Mr. Marcelo. Emily participates in Changing Lives because she loves acting and it’s important for her to make active change in the community, because she believes her generation matters.


Georgia is a junior at the McCallum Fine Arts Academy High School majoring in performance theatre. She is involved heavily with Breath and Body Yoga and plans to pursue both acting and yoga professionally after high school. Georgia is inspired by young activists and artists such as Amandla Stenberg and Rowan Blanchard, and hopes to become more aware and active like these ladies through Changing Lives. Georgia believes in the power of the relatable voice and plans to utilize hers to educate other teens with Changing Lives.


Ian is a junior at Austin Achieve Public Schools. His previous film and acting experience includes school clubs and training at ZACH Theatre. Ian aspires to be an actor, starring in films similar to those that Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr. have been in. He is involved with Changing Lives to make differences through the acting medium. He knows it’s important for teens to be involved in their community because they’ll be the people who decide its fate later in their futures.


Isaiah is in the 11th grade at Del Valle High School. He has been in Creative Action programs in Del Valle since middle school and a Changing Lives ensemble member for four years. Isaiah is a longboarder and enjoys the company of others. He wishes to put a smile on everyone’s face in his community.


Kelvin goes to Lanier High School, home of the Vikings! His interests include: video games, Dungeons and Dragons, music, memes, baseball, working out, relaxing, and watching YouTube videos. One of his biggest role models is his Advanced Biotech class teacher, Mr. Myrick. One of the many reasons he joined Chaining Lives was to act on stage, but after a little while of being in the program he noticed the good that this program could do, and he came to love everything about it. He believes the reason teens should be more involved in their communities is because they are going to be the people leading the way as the next group of role models.


Laurence is a junior at Westwood High School. He has been in theatre for four years now doing productions for both his school and community. Changing Lives inspires him to speak up and show his support for the LGBTQ+ community. He wants everyone to come out and show their support as well.

Micky is a sophomore at the Ann Richards School. She believes that in another life, she’d be a pro swimmer living on the beach with her dog. This is her second year with Changing Lives.


Mina is a sophomore at Westlake High School. In her free time, she enjoys acting, slam poetry, and spending time with her dogs. She is passionate about her work in activism and creating spaces for inclusivity and for joy to thrive. Mina strives to inspire people to treat themselves – and others – with love, kindness, and respect.


Olivia is a freshman at Crockett High School. She has been doing theatre for seven years at her school and ZACH Theatre. She is involved in Changing Lives because devised theatre is one of her passions and this program is an amazing outlet for this passion.


Rebekah is a junior at Westwood High School. She has been involved in theatre since 5th grade and loves the way Changing Lives allows her to combine her passion for theatre with her passion for social justice. Rebekah is honored to return to Changing Lives for her second year and she can’t wait to learn and grow as a member of this ensemble.

Spencer is a senior at Ann Richards. He is dedicated to helping others, writing spit fire poetry, and watching all seasons of Dexter multiple times. His inspiration is every other gender variant person who used their experiences and compassion to help others. Spencer is happily in his third year of Changing Lives and continues to come back because of the change he has seen and the knowledge that he gains with every passing year.

TinLe (1)

Tin is a sophomore at Cedar Ridge High School. He has been involved with theatre for four years. This is his first year being a part of Creative Action & SAFE Alliance’s “Changing Lives.” Some of the roles that he loves and would like to play in the near future are those from “Chicago.” In the further future, he would love to perform on any stage that pays and be a working actor. He believes by joining Changing Lives that he can change or show the community a different point of view that may damage those [other views/perspectives, etc.] that others think about the world/society.


Walter is a 15-year old in the 10th grade and he is a musician and performer. This is his first year in Changing Lives and he is looking forward to learning what it’s all about. In his free time Walter loves card games, drawing, and reading.


Zateriq is a Freshman at Crockett High School. He sees himself as a positive and unique “person.” Zateriq loves socializing and making people smile and feel proud of themselves. He is always looking for the best in people.

The Directors

Noah Headshot

Changing Lives’ Artistic Director, Creative Action

Noah Martin is beyond excited to work with the amazingly talented and inspiring youth of the Changing Lives Youth Ensemble as the Artistic Director, working with Creative Action! Noah is an educator and theatre-maker originally from the beautiful and sometimes rainy Pacific Northwest. He moved to Austin five years ago to pursue his Master of Fine Arts from the UT Austin Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities Program. Over the past two years he worked as a Creative Learning Coach with teachers from all over Austin ISD to bring arts based teaching and learning into all areas of the curriculum. Noah has worked as a director and teaching artist in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Austin with the Seattle Children’s Theatre, The Right Brain Initiative, Performing Arts Workshop, California Shakespeare Theatre, Woodland Park Zoo, and Northwest Children’s Theatre. He is passionate about working alongside youth to be advocates for social justice and share their stories, especially the stories that often go untold. He was the co-artistic director of a small garage based theatre company in Portland and has collaborated on many original theatrical projects, including a series of bicycle powered plays that were experienced by pedaling audience members. He loves the unpredictable process of diving in and making new theatre and looks forward to taking the journey with the Changing Lives Ensemble.

Headshot_Meg Greene2

Changing Lives’ Managing Director, Expect Respect, a program of SAFE

Meg Greene is a prevention educator, writer, theatre-maker and community-based artist. She works with the SAFE Alliance as Changing Lives Managing Director and Expect Respect’s Educational Theatre Manager. Meg earned her MFA in Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities from the University of Texas at Austin (UT) and a BA from The Ohio State University in Journalism and Theatre Performance. As an applied theatre artist she has worked with school based programs, grief and healing communities, people experiencing homelessness, juvenile detention centers and with military youth experiencing deployment. Her teaching artist work spans Columbus OH, Washington DC, Exeter UK, and Austin working with organizations such as UT’s Drama for Schools, the University of Exeter, Arena Stage, Young Playwrights’ Theater and Imagination Stage. Over the last four years, Meg has used theatre as a prevention and social change tool to address issues of sexual assault, dating violence, healthy relationship education, and suicide prevention. Through UT’s Voices Against Violence’s Get Sexy. Get Consent. program she worked as an actor-facilitator and then became the tour director, using Theatre for Dialogue to teach undergraduate students about negotiating sexual consent. She also collaborated with UT Austin’s Be That One suicide prevention program to integrate interactive drama-based strategies into their bystander intervention program. Meg is passionate about the power of theatre to connect people across difference, build empathy, and open up dialogue in order to make change.


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