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2018-2019, #NoFilter

Poster 2018-2019

In Changing Lives newest play #NoFilter Ruth and Elliot are both trying to find escape from their dad’s emotional abuse, Elliot through his music and Ruth through her perfectly curated Instagram feed. As Elliot struggles to keep up with school and his band, the weight of his father’s abuse sends him deep into depression. Meanwhile, Ruth is busy crafting the perfect posts about her new girlfriend hopes of pleasing her followers and becoming a real Instagram influencer. Both siblings struggle to hide their real feelings but their facades start to crumble. #NoFilter reminds us that what we see on the surface is not always the whole story. The play explores how living with an abusive parent impacts emotional wellbeing, mental health, and relationships. It asks: How do we take care of ourselves and each other? How can we be honest about the hardest parts of our lives, and trust others to support us? What choices do we get to make about who we want to be in our life and relationships?


2017-2018, Just Ask

CLYTE Just Ask Poster 2018.png

2016-2017, Level Up


2015-2016, Playing Against the Roles


2014-2015, Breaking Up with Ever After

Changing Lives Poster

2013-2014, #BlameGame

Changing Lives Austin

2012-2013, Above the Noise

Above the Noise

2011-2012, Outside the Box

clyte 2012 version 3 5x7

2010-2011, reach out/speak up


2009-2010, Perhaps Tomorrow

2009, The Missing Link

2008, Overcome*

2007, Showcase of spoken word, video, performance, and visual art*

2005 & 2006, Let Your Voice Be Heard*

2003, Changing Lives was founded!

*Changing Lives was offered as a worksite as part of City of Austin’s Summer Youth Employment Program